Teen & Adults Class

Our Teen and Adult Classes are for those 13 yoa and older.

Choy Li Fut, the system with something for most everyone.

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu is a system that was designed by its founder Chan Heung to suit the average person.  Many martial art styles have forms and techniques that are suited for specific body types and abilities.  If the students body type and abilities do not match what the specific style of martial arts teaches, it can not only be frustrating but detrimental to the individuals health.

Students at Golden Leopard Martial Arts Center are trained in a system that promotes health and longevity as well as becoming proficient in a highly effective system of self defense.  Students start by learning Kung Fu forms (sets) and techniques that open and stretch the body as well as condition the muscles, bones and cardiovascular system.  Students learn to use their body to generate power through relaxation and fluidity rather that stiff muscular force.

Choy Li Fut is a system that can provide a lifetime of learning.  There are over 150 forms (sets) in the Kung Fu System of Choy LI Fut.  This includes hand, weapon, partner, and internal sets.  You may ask why such a large system?  It’s not a system of Kung Fu that is meant for any one person to learn and master it all.  Rather it provides the opportunity for persons with different body types and abilities to improve their health, become proficient at many techniques, and continue to learn and challenge themselves.

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